Obtaining a Thai Work Permit as an English Teacher

Obtaining a Thai Work Permit as an English Teacher

Having travelled to Laos to obtain my non-immigrant B visa, (read the full story here), all that was left now was to apply for a work permit. Luckily, majority of the work is sorted out by my school and I am now in possession of a Thai work permit. This is what needs to be done to complete the full circle.

The school will sort all the paperwork that is required for your work permit. They will also be responsible for the fees involved in obtaining the permit. What you will be responsible for is going for a medical test. What they are specifically testing for is syphilis for some strange reason.

Let’s Go For a Medical Test

You can visit any hospital to get a medical test. In Chiang Mai there are plenty of hospitals around that range in cost. I went to Lanna Hospital, which is very reasonably priced. At the hospital, they will check your blood pressure, height, weight and take a blood sample. The doctor insisted on a chest x-ray due to the fact that I am from South Africa and TB is prevalent. So if you are from any part of Africa they are likely to insist on a x-ray before they will sign off the medical certificate. For the medical check, blood test and chest x-ray it cost me 1100 baht, which you will be responsible for, not the school.

Luckily, they turn the tests around very quickly and you will pick up your medical certificate confirming everything is in order the next day. Unfortunately, you can’t try and save time and get the medical certificate months before applying for your work permit as your medical certificate can only be a maximum of a month old.

Writing a TOEIC Exam

If you are a non-Native speaker, or in my case a Native speaker from South Africa, which they don’t see as a Native English speaking country, they will insist on you taking a TOEIC exam. The TOEIC exam involves a 45-minute listening test and then a 75-minute reading test. No studying was involved and the test was incredibly easy. However, if you are a non-Native speaker then the test may prove to be more difficult. The cost of the test is 1000 baht, which you will need to pay. If you are in Chiang Mai then you will go to the Center for Professional Development.

All Done… Work Permit Obtained

Once all your documents have been completed the administration person at your school will take all the documents to City Hall and apply for your work permit. Once it has been approved you will go to City Hall with the administration person and sign for your work permit.

Congratulations, you are now legally employed in Thailand.

Do you have any questions about obtaining a Thai work permit? Share your comments below.