House Sitting in Hanoi, Vietnam

We spent the month of July house sitting for an Australian couple in Hanoi Vietnam. It was great to have our own space where we could work from and a western kitchen where we could cook some of our favourite dishes that we miss. House sitting for a month also had the great benefit of saying a few hundred dollars on accommodation, which we never frown upon.

Charlie and Cosmo – Our Furry Friends for the Month

As part of our month of house sitting, we also looked after Charlie and Cosmo. Two of the easiest, hassle-free (thankfully) cats around. They spent the majority of the day sleeping, and you only noticed them around feeding time.

Our Location

We were in an area called Tay Ho, which has a large expat community with plenty of diplomats living in fancy houses. There are many Western restaurants, most of which were out of our price range. Thankfully, there is also a good range of local restaurants, less-expensive Western restaurants and street food (read more about the great Coffee and Food in Hanoi). It has also been a while since we had a Western kitchen, so we got to enjoy quite a few home-cooked meals.

The 1st house is the one we looked after. The others are some of the awesome houses in the area.


The area was great with plenty of places to explore and little alleys to get lost in.

It is also close to West Lake, which was the perfect spot to walk around in the late afternoon, watch the street food stalls setting up and have a cold beer.

Our next house sit is in Sihanoukville, Cambodia for the month of October. After three months in busy cities, we can’t wait for some peace and quiet.

Do you house sit? Share your experiences of where you have been in the comments below.