Head to Otres Beach, Cambodia Before It Changes Forever

Our time in Otres beach went incredibly fast. We were here for 3.5 weeks, but it seemed to fly by and before we knew it, we were packing our bags to embark on a new adventure in Vietnam. Our time spent here was awesome, unfortunately, rainy season did arrive 2 weeks into our stay, but we still managed to enjoy some awesome beach time.

Never Been To Otres Beach? Go Now.

For those of you who have never ventured to Otres beach, it should definitely be a stop. Otres beach is laid back, almost rural and filled with a mixed bag of individuals. The stretch of beach is divided into two beaches. Otres 1, is where you will find a larger range of cheap to mid-range guesthouses and late night bars. Otres 2, where we were based, is much quieter with a more limited range of up-market hotels, with some cheaper bargains still on offer.

The stretch of both Otres 1 and Otres 2 have a variety of rustic bungalows and restaurants right on the beach, some more expensive than others, however, all seem to fit with the beach theme. Plenty of bamboo, hammocks and thatched umbrellas make up the scenery. However, the simpleness of the rusticness is likely to change soon, as can been seen by the expensive hotels that we noticed being constructed since we were last here in April 2014.


There is currently a large stretch of land between Otres 1 and Otres 2 that is completely underdeveloped. According to Travelfish, this land is due to be developed with large, fancy hotels who will get an awesome view of the ocean. Sadly with the current construction going up and the likely construction on the stretch between Otres 1 and 2, the pure rusticness that attracts people to this part of Cambodia is likely to disappear quickly.

However, don’t be deterred the level of construction expected to take place is likely to still take a good few years (hopefully), which leaves you plenty of time to plan a visit.

Where to Stay on Otres Beach

As I mentioned there are plenty of places to stay from cheap ($3 for a dorm room) to expensive ($70 for a room, which I am sure is really nice, but definitely not in our budget.) We have also been here during low season and the start of rainy season, so prices are lower and will go up during peak season (November to April).

Golden River Bungalow

We initially only booked for a few days until we had time to scout it out, but we quickly extended our stay at Golden River Bungalow until the end of the month. We weren’t stepping out of our room straight onto the beach, but that was perfectly fine and the beach was a short 2-minute walk away. Initially, we booked a fan room, but after the first night quickly realised our mistake. However upgrading to an A/C room was no hassle.

Cost: $18.50

This was a discounted rate as we were staying here for such a long time. However, rooms on Agoda range from $18 to $25 (once hotel tax and service charges have been added).

Features of Golden River Bungalow

Our room included a double bed, tv with cable, bar fridge, lockable cupboard (where we were able to leave valubles during the day), ensuite bathroom and free WiFi. The staff at Golden River Bungalow are amazing. Rooms are cleaned everyday together with two bottles of water. They go out of their way to help, even printing out a variety of documents that we needed for our next trip at no charge.


The property also includes a swimming pool, and a shop (where you can pick up anything from 0.75c beers, to Oreos, to shampoo). They also have a small restaurant where we often got a great, cheap fried vegetable noodle.

Our Office by the Beach

A short walk from Golden River Bungalows is Bamboo Bistro, which basically became our home away from home. Majority of our time was spent at Bamboo Bistro, mainly because it was a great place to work from. Unfortunately, we have to work hard during the day to afford this travelling lifestyle, so we might as well find a good spot to work from and with Bamboo Bistro we certainly did.

The Wi-Fi is excellent, staff are great, food is awesome and they weren’t phased that we spent almost the whole day working in their restaurant.


Some of our favourite dishes include the BBQ shrimp, Coca-cola ribs, vegetable noodle soup, amok (chicken or shrimp – both amazing) and a variety of curries. Oh and not to forget their sweet milk pancake.

Our stay in Otres Beach has been great, we are really sad to leave the beach behind, but we are incredibly excited for our month in Hanoi, where we will be doing another house sit.

Have you ever been to Otres Beach? Where did you stay and eat? Share the details with us below.